Can i analyse the Risk´s with graphs

Yes, on the sidemenu under Risk Management you will see the «Graph» tab. 

Click on the tab and you will get a overview of existing graphs. To create a new, click on the «Create New» bottum in the top right corner. And then «Add new Chart»- then this overview will show up of all the risk analysis. 

Select the risk analysis you would like to use. If you want to have them all, click select all. In this bolk you can also choose to filter on values: Facilitator, Company, Country, Department, Location, Project. 

After you have selected your choice here , the risk analysis will come like this bars with risk items. If you click on the wheel to the left upper corner you will get more choices to edit the grapf. Here you can i.e make the choice to only show residual risk, and what type of chart you want.  On the right you again have the choice to add filters: area, risk factor, status, owner, responsible, color and sort. 

When you are finished, remember to save on the «save grapf» bottum. 

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