Dashboard and standard functions

In this article we will show you the «Dashboard» page and give a short description of some of the standard functions that you can find on all ABMS pages.


Every time you log in to ABMS, you are met by the dashboard. The dashboard is your entry page. This page shows you an overview of current activities in the system.

Main content of the dashboard page is sections displaying all actions waiting for you:

  • «Your in progress documents» is where all the documents you have in progress is listed.
  • «Documents waiting for your approval» is where documents sent to you for approval is listed.
  • «Actions waiting for your input» is where all actions sent to you for execution is listed.
  • «Documents sent for approval» is where all the documents you have sent for approval is listed, also external documents.
  • «Your favourite documents» is where all favourited documents, report hubs etc is listed.
  • «Activities last 5 days» is listing all the documents in the organization created or edited within the last 5 days.

Dashboard search field

As you can see on the image above, there is a search function in the top left corner. Here you can search for a document title in any module and further do a filtration on the search result.

Standard functions

On the dashboard page, and all the other pages, there are some standard functions. These are listed and described below.

Function / iconDescriptionLocation
 A system menu that will let you navigate to different parts of the ABMS. Which elements this menu contains depends on your user access and setup.Top left corner
 A profile icon, here you can change your password, access your competency profile and log out of ABMS.

NB! The competency profile will only be available to customers with this module.
Top right corner
 A language flag icon indicating your current system language. Use the dropdown arrow to change language.Top right corner
 A notification bell icon, the red number shows the number of unread notifications.Top right corner
 A link to ABMS support page. Here you can find our knowledgebase with articles about how to use ABMS.Bottom of the page
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