Antenor QMS - Adding Value to Quality

Antenor QMS has been facilitating our customers’ entry into demanding markets since 2003, placing a strong emphasis on Quality, Risk, and HSE Management systems.

Our software is widely adopted by companies worldwide, achieving notable success in the challenging Oil and Gas industry.

Additionally, our software digitilizes time-consuming and repetitive tasks, significantly reducing processing time by up to 75%.

Benefits of Antenor QMS

Antenor QMS: All you need in one portal

Improve your business with Antenor Quality Management System, the most comprehensive Quality Management System on the market. Our solution replaces multiple manual processes, Excel spreadsheets, and costly software licenses with one all-encompassing solution. Antenor BMS comes equipped with ready-to-use modules that help streamline management and control, with a strong emphasis on continuous improvement. Optimise your workflow and enhance your business with Antenor QMS

Our story

Antenor-OTG was founded in 2003 with the aim of providing customers with a world-class quality management system that focuses on continuous improvement. Our approach involves utilizing cutting-edge technology based on strong QMS competencies, supported by lean delivery and support processes.