Sustainable Quality Management System

Antenor-OTG delivers efficient and value-added Quality Management Systems. Through our team of dedicated professional we ensure a world-class QMS Software.

Mission and vision

Adding Value to Quality

Antenor-OTG is synonymous with sustainable and value added Business Management deliveries

  • Our software contributes to more efficient operations
  • Our consultants  helps our customers achieve reduced operating costs and higher turnover

Our strategic principles

Solid Competencies:
  • Our employees are dedicated Professionals
  • Antenor-OTG has a strong professional team, where the strength lies within the team and the use of our software, not in the individuals
World Class software:
  • Companies using Antenor BMS are serious about their QMS strategies
  • Customers using Antenor BMS achieve better financial results than others
Focus on Service Quality:
  • Consultants deliver with a high focus on service quality
  • Reliable, service minded and friendly support

Our history

Antenor-OTG was established in 2003, and is the result of a merger between Antenor AS and OTG Consulting AS.

OTG Consulting has provided consultancy services and conducted more than 500 studies in risk analysis, technical safety and HSE. This includes deliveries to the petroleum industry, drilling and well operations and to onshore infrastructure projects.

Antenor has developed the Antenor Business Management System (BMS) software, a digital tool for corporate governance and continuous improvement. Accompanying the software, we offer skilled specialised consultants. This combination enables Antenor as a company to help hundreds of companies with their QMS. We offer everything from training and short term assistance, to long term assignments that contribute to various ISO certifications, digitilisation and more efficient processes.

Combined we are one of the leading companies in Norway within our field of expertise.


Delivering software and services within the quality, risk, HSE and technical safety segment means that we can contribute to the sustainability process of our customers. The ESG principles are central to the development of management systems and efficient processes, and focus on achieving better results with less use of resources.

Our own delivery models have good environmental effects. Cloud-based technology significantly reduces server usage for our customers. However more importantly, our digital delivery models allow us to conduct onboarding and support for our system customers digitally. Audits and risk analyses can be done digitally. Cloud technology opens many new opportunities which we, as a company, are more than ready to make the most of.  Finally , our customers save considerable costs and saves the environment of unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Social Responsibility

Antenor-OTG contributes to the local community through financial support and provided resources to local clubs and associations. We support organisations that we know mean a lot to many people and to employees. because we hae a deep rooted desire to contribute and give back to the community. 

This year, as in previous years, we supports Sola Golfklubb and Kreftomsorg Rogaland. These are organizations that are run by idealism and hardworking individuals. Thank you for what you’re doing for us. It means an incredible amount to a lot of people, not least us in Antenor-OTG.

Karrieremuligheter i Antenor-OTG

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