Customer and Project Evaluation

Customer is king. One of the most important things for your business is your customers’ experience of you as a supplier. As a result, collecting these data is therefore probably one of the smartest things you can do.

After all, you are looking for continulus improvement, and as such you must contantly focus on bettering your company. An important tool in this process is to learn from your experiences and to listen to your customers. What works well and what can we improve? There are several ways to achieving improvement in this area. You simply have to find methods that are best suited for your particular organization. possible options include project evaluations after major projects, conducting regular customer surveys, market surveys, etc. Whichever method: the important thing is that your company establishes good tools for systematic follow-up.

Collect data and analyse these for an improved company

With the Antenor BMS Customer- and Project Evaluation module can systematically collect experience data and analyse these to improve your processes. You can send forms digitally to your customers for completion or, if better suited for your organisation, do your own internal evaluations. We customise the form and process to suit your needs. The module can be combined with Antenor Chatbox to discuss the project and/or Antenor Actions for implementation of improvement measures.

Features using Antenor BMS Customer- Project Evaluation

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