Equipment Management

The Antenor BMS Equipment Management system allows for full control of all your equipment. You get an overview of when they need maintenance and can log all activities and documentation necessary for any external audits..

Inadequate maintenance, certification and calibration increases the risk of incidents causing harm to people and and destruction of materials. If measuring instruments are not calibrated, you risk delivering products with major defects. Likewise, a lack of periodic maintenance will weaken the quality of the equipment, which in turn can have serious consequences for both human life and material goods.

Antenor BMS ensures control of your equipment and required maintenance

Antenor BMS Equipment Management allows for simple registration of all your equipment, giving you a full overview of your resources and requiered supervisory activities at predefined intervals, whether it be calibration, certification, maintenance etc. As the due date approaches, a chosen responsible will receive an e-mail, so they can prepare the necessary actions. All activity is logged and all documentation registered. Antenor BMS ensures full control of all your equipment and performed activities.

Features using Antenor BMS Equipment Management

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