Non Conformance Reporting

Our user-friendly NCR system ensures active use from all employees. Registering incidents is simple and the system facilitates smooth processing. Using the system’s solid graphical and tabular analysis capabilities, allows you the freedom to focus on continuous improvement.

It is estimated that, for any organisation, errors and inefficiencies make up for 20-30% of total costs. Reducing these costs is clearly beneficial for the company’s finances, but equally beneficial for both employees customers alike. Examples of such errors and inefficiencies may include:

  • Product defects
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Downtime
  • Inefficient processes
  • Absence due to illness
  • Incidents which result in personal injury

These costs are not reflected in a simple financial report but are largely hidden under the accounting items salary and cost of good. This presents a very real challenge for the organisation’s managers. How are they to handle this?

Userfriendly software can contribute to improved profit

In order to reduce costs, they must first be identified. Once identification has occurred you can put in place measures to ensure the errors do not re-occur. This is continuous improvement, improving a little bit, all the time. NCR is at the core of this continuous improvement process. As a result, we have focussed on providing our customers with flexible NCR tools including simplified registration, easy processing, automatic follow-up and, of course, solid graphical analysis tools.

Features using Antenor BMS - NCR module:

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