Personnel- and Competency Management

Your employees are the business’ most important resource and you should take good care of them. Do you know who you have on board and what their skills are? Such an overview saves costs through planning and utilising your skill pool in the best possible way. Our module for Personnel and Competence management gives you this overview, planning reports, graphical analyses and more, and, through these tools, provides confidence and saves hidden costs.

Some examples of situations which may occur without our Personell and competency management system:

  1. One of your employees is going to do a job, perhaps offshore, but finds out the day before that his health certificate expires shortly. Could it have been avoided?
  2. A serious accident occurs, and the authorities are called. The first things they look for are 1) risk analyses 2) proper equipment certification and 3) competence of the person who has maintained or produced the relevant piece of equipment. If the employee has left the company, it may still be necessary to document this. Do you have this overview?
  3. You need a special competency for a job and hire external assistance. Little did you know that you already have a guy in the workshop with this required skill.
  4. What about the next round of downsizing? Are you sure you have control over who you let go?

Competency overview as a cost saver

With Antenor BMS Competence Management, you have full control over all your employees and their competence. You can predefine requirements for the various roles in your company, link those to individual people and through that uncover any shortcomings. A visual gap analysis will reveal all necessary development needs. By entering expiration dates for critical certificates, selected persons will receive the necessary notifications in due time before such certificates need to be renewed. Solid overviews gives key people the opportunity to search internally for expertise rather than hiring expensive external expertise, and to plan the company’s use of resources ahead of time to ensure relevant expertise is available when needs be.

Features using Antenor BMS - Personnel and Competency:

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