Sustainable Quality Management System

At Antenor-OTG, we specialize in delivering efficient and high-value Quality Management Systems. Our team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to provide our clients with world-class QMS software that meets their unique needs. Whether you are seeking to optimize your quality control processes or improve your risk management capabilities, we have the expertise and technology to help you achieve your goals

Mission and vision

Adding Value to Quality

Antenor-OTG is a renowned provider of sustainable and value-added Business Management solutions. 

  • Our cutting-edge software is designed to optimize operations and increase efficiency.
  • Our team of expert consultants works closely with our customers to deliver measurable results, including reduced operating costs and higher turnover

Our strategic principles

Solid Competencies:

At Antenor-OTG, we boast a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results. We firmly believe that the true strength of our team lies in our collaborative approach, combined with our advanced software solutions. 

World Class software:

Companies that utilize Antenor BMS solutions are committed to enhancing their Quality Management System (QMS) strategies. Our software is designed to help businesses optimize their QMS, and our customers achieve better financial results than their counterparts who don’t use our software. With Antenor BMS, companies can take their QMS to the next level and gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Focus on Service Quality:

At Antenor-OTG, our consultants are committed to delivering exceptional service quality to our clients. Our team is highly reliable, service-minded, and always friendly. We understand the importance of providing reliable support and work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Whether you have a question, concern, or need assistance with our software solutions, you can count on our team to deliver top-notch service.

Godt arbeidsmiljø hos Antenor-OTG


At Antenor-OTG, our focus on delivering software and services within the quality, risk, HSE, and technical safety segment allows us to contribute to our customers’ sustainability processes. Our development of management systems and efficient processes is guided by the core ESG principles, which prioritize achieving better results while using fewer resources. By leveraging our expertise in these areas, we help our clients achieve their sustainability goals and drive positive change in their industries.

Our own delivery models have good environmental effects. Cloud-based technology significantly reduces server usage for our customers. However more importantly, our digital delivery models allow us to conduct onboarding and support for our system customers digitally. Audits and risk analyses can be done digitally. Cloud technology opens many new opportunities which we, as a company, are more than ready to make the most of.  Finally , our customers save considerable costs and saves the environment of unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Social Responsibility

Antenor-OTG is dedicated to supporting the local community by providing financial aid and resources to local clubs and associations. We prioritize organizations that hold significant value to both our employees and the wider community. Our commitment to giving back and making a positive impact is deeply ingrained in our company values

As in previous years, Antenor-OTG is proud to support Sola Golfklubb and Kreftomsorg Rogaland. We deeply admire the dedication and hard work of the individuals who run these organizations, driven by their ideals and passion. We are grateful for the invaluable contributions they make to our community and are honored to be able to support their efforts. Thank you for all that you do – it means a great deal to many people, including us at Antenor-OTG.

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