Safety Inspections

An effective safety inspection gives you an important overview of both employees’ welfare and the physical working conditions in the company. Such inspections help identifying risk elements in the areas being inspected. In order to use these data in the continuous improvement process, the information must be entered into a database for analysis and follow-up.

The safety inspections module ensures that you systematically identify improvement areas concerning HSE, and that you have the right software for correcting and improving identified issues. Safety inspections should be carried out annually, preferably by managers, area manager with assistance from a safety representative, HSE manager or occupational health service. Frequency may be based on the perceived risks of the various areas in the company, but you need to ensure you have full control over the relevant areas.

Analyse trends and recurring riskareas

With our “mobile first strategy” most of the work can be done either via mobile or tablet. You can use digital tools to map the entire inspection and completing checklist. For elaborative documentation you can upload or take photos with your mobile phone, and you can implement necessary actions immediately. The entire report is completed during the round, meaning no post-inspection report writing. The system allows for trend analysis over time and identification of recurring risk areas.

Benefits of Antenor BMS - Safety Inspection module

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