The Log

The Log provides a full overview of all types of reports, minutes of meetings and other documents. Together with Antenor Actions, you have both the minutes and the actions in one place.

On average, an office employee spends 45 minutes each day looking for documents such as reports, minutes, and other files. Where did I put that report? Have actions been followed up? What about the minutes of the last department meeting, shouldn’t anyone do anything and what was that again?
We all spend a lot of time digging in old activities and decisions that are never really completed.

The log gives you overview and control

The log is a simple tool that allows you to gather all the “miscelleanous” activities, reports, minutes etc. in one place. This is a register that is easily searchable and can thus significantly reduce your daily search and find activities. If you use Antenor Actions together with e.g. your Management Review minutes, you actually have a good tool to take care of all your decisions and planned actions.

Features using Antenor BMS - The Log:

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