Actions: Changing the due date

Changing due date

It is possible to change the due date on an action. You do this by clicking the small edit icon next to the due date in the action window.

The due date then becomes editable and the comments box changes its name from «Action taken» to «Reason for change». If approval is turned on, the message written in this box will be sent to the approver. The approver is the person who created the action originally. Whether approval is needed or not, the text added to the Reason for change box appears in the Log. The Log is added as another tab in the action window itself, as soon as there is something to show in the log (change of due date has occurred).

Both fields are marked with red. That means that they require your input before you can save. The save button is also inactive until both fields have been filled in.


If need for approval is NOT turned on, the change of due date is automatically approved. This is visualised by the fact that the button says Save.

Once you have made your changes and press save you will be informed that the change has been approved.

Sending change of due date for Approval

If approval is required to be able to make a change to due date the button will say «Send».

Clicking the Send button sends the action to the original creator of the action for them to approve the change of due date. They then get an e-mail about this, as well as that the action shows up in their «Actions waiting for your input» box on their dashboard.

When the approver opens the action they are given the option to approve or reject the change request. The action window includes an informative message about who has requested the change, the original and the new due dates.

If the approver accepts, the action returns to you, and you will be informed upon opening the action that it has been approved. 

If, however, the approver rejects the request for change they have to add a rejection message to let you know why they are rejecting it.

They press send and it is returned to you. 

When you then open the action again you are told that the request was rejected and what the message was.

You can then request a new change, and the action can go back and forth until you are both happy with a potential new due date. Once it is approved you will get a green banner telling you the request has been approved.

If both action creator and change of due date requestor is the same person, you will bypass this process, and the change will be automatically approved.

The Log

The Log tab shows all the changes made to the due date

Pending indicates that a request for change has been sent, but this has neither been approved nor rejected yet.

The arrow on the far right will expand a section to show you more information about the particular change request.

Before a request for change of due date has been accepted or rejected it has status pending. This is visible in the log as follows:

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