Actions: Create, Accept, Reject and Forward

When you receive an action you can accept it, reject it or forward it to someone you think might be better suited to perform it.

Any activity you select will be logged. 

If you reject the action or forward it, the original sender (and the recipient in the case of forwarding) will be informed via e-mail as well as in the log of the relevant action.

This FAQ will take you through the various activities, the flow of the action between people and the log.

Creating an Action

When you first create a new action you will see the following fields:

All fields with red text are obligatory. Add a short description of the issue at hand, your findings related to this, and suggested action. Select a due date and a recipient.

Once all of the obligatory fields have been filled in the Send button at the bottom will become active:

Accepting an Action

To accept an action simply click the green Accept button.

Once you have accepted the action the accept will appear in the log (which only becomes visible as a tab when it has information to show).

If you then click on the arrow at the far right on the accepted row you will get more details about that specific activity.

Rejecting an Action

If you have received an action that was not meant for you, which has bad information, or needs more work before you can accept you can reject the action. This will return the action to the originator, with a message which you write in the process.

To reject an action simply click the red Reject button.

Once you click the reject button you will need to enter a rejection message. This is to let the originator know why you are returning the action to them. Write your message and click the red Reject button (which only becomes active when you have written a message).

When you reject the action the originator will receive an e-mail to inform them of this. In addition the action will appear in their action box on the dashboard.

When the originator then opens this action they will be informed in several ways that this action was rejected. The first is a box at the top stating that it was rejected, secondly the rejection message at the bottom of the action, and thirdly in the log.

This image shows the notification at the top, as well as the rejection message at the bottom:

The following shows the expanded log entry for a rejection:

The log shows who rejected it, when and why (the message to the originator).

Forward an Action

If you have received an action that you are not the correct person for, but you know who is you can forward the action to the relevant person using the Forward button in the middle.

When you click this button you will be required to write a message to the new recipient as well as selecting a new recipient for the action.

Once the action has been forwarded both the originator and the new recipient will receive e-mails regarding this activity. The new recipient will have the action in its Actions box on the dashboard. When they open the action they will see a notification box at the top stating that this action has been forwarded to them. Furthermore, they will see the forwarding message at the bottom of the action, and they are given the choice to accept, reject or forward the action. If they accept it becomes theirs to work with. If they reject, the action goes back to the originator, and if they forward they will go through the steps outlined in this section; Forward an Action.

Finally, the log after an action has been forwarded looks like this:

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