API – how to use API in Antenor BMS

  1. Companies who wants to use the API will need to create a new ABMS user 

    1. You need to have a new user because an it department will handle the api import and they will need the user credentials (password). As you shall not share your password a seperate user is needed

  2. This new user needs to be a superuser. This can only be set by Antenor-OTG support services. 

    1. NOTE: This user needs to be a superuser and have at least «Read» level on Main area to access all data needed. Send support ticket to Antenor-OTG to ensure access as superuser

  3. Assign access rights only on the modules they need.

  4. This user cannot log in using SSO. They will require to use a username and password

  5. To retrieve the data using api:

    1. Create a new report, dedicated for API data retrieval, for every module and select the columns you want.

    2. Creating new report is needed to avoid other people  change these (select, deselect columns) because any change will affect the returned data through api.

    3. Note the report ids from the url

You arw now set to use the data in your own software, eg Power BI.

NOTE: Antenor-OTG do not necessarily have competency beoynd this point as this can involve a number of software. Any assistance from us will be invoiced.

To work with API will require IT competencies and specifically competency for the software used, eg POWER BI. 

The below instructions is ment for helping. If this does not work contact your IT departement.

Authenticate using the credentials (email, pwd) using terminal or any other programming language – Check authentication method on the api documentation – https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/6701834/S11DTMK6

Example about how to authenticate:

-You’ll need to open Terminal or Command prompt and run this command: curl –location -g –request POST «https://abms.antenor.no/api/authenticate?email={{email}}&password={{password}}»


-Replace {{email}} and {{password}} with your user email and password

-After running the command you’ll get a response like: «auth_token»: fnajkfkankxzsfnajnfjsaknkfsnaknsfj

-Now you have logged in successfully and you have your access token, valid for 24 hours.

-Copy the value (fnajkfkankxzsfnajnfjsaknkfsnaknsfj)

To import the data into powerBi

-Open PowerBi

– Click Get Data – Web. Click Advanced

-Add the API url for the report:https://abms.antenor.no/api/v1/{{customer_id}}/documents/reports/{{report_id}}?count=10&page=1&language=en  (replace {{report_id}} variable with the report id from the browser url). This is the url for reports api. For other api urls please read our api documentation

– In the bottom there is a section for Http request header:

-Type Authorization in the left side input field

-Type Bearer {{auth_token}} in the right side input field (replace {{auth_token}} with the value copied after you authenticated in command prompt)

-Click OK. Click Connect

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