Company Menu

What is a company menu?

With Antenor BMS, you will have access to all your needs in one portal. The purpose of the company menu is for all the employees to easily find what they are looking for. This could be a procedure, report or any information within the system.

A custom company menu is where your company has created a visual interface with links to all the parts of the ABMS system that is most important and useful to you.

This menu will be the portal to your modules, reports and documents.

It is possible to have multiple versions of company menus, this can be useful if your company has departments, sub companies etc with different needs. For example, you can have one menu for each department and customise it to that department’s need.

Creating and maintaining the company menus is done by the superuser of the system. Click here, «SUPER USER Create and edit a company / hub menu», for information on how to create and edit a company menu.

An example of how a company menu can look. This example is from an ABMS with the Premium package.

How to use a company menu

It is very easy to use a company menu, you just click the box of where you would like to navigate to e.g. «NCR» for the NCR report or «Personnel handbook» for your company’s personnel handbook.

How to find the company menu

All company menus can easily be found on the system menu. The naming of the menu can be different than shown in this example, since every company can customize this.

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