Controlled Documents


This article is a short guide to the Controlled Document module. 

Controlled documents can be procedures, governing documents, processes and instructions. The Controlled Documents module makes updating and maintaining your essential documents easy.

1.0 How to edit/create Controlled documents

The module-controlled document is a standard module. This means that a lot of the basic functionality of controlled documents is similar to the other standard document modules. 

To create a new controlled document, you can use the system / main menu and click «controlled document» -> «new controlled document.» To edit a document, open it and click the pen icon on the top right-hand side, as pictured below.

After a controlled document has been published, it is still possible to make changes. Every change sent for approval or approved by you will become a newly published version of the original document.

You can find each previous revision of the document by clicking the «I» button in the top left corner. You will find a list of prior revisions under «Revisions:». Clicking on one of them will open the version in read mode. 

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