Create a NCR document

Create a NCR document

This article will show you how to create a new NCR document, ansend it for further processing.

Creating a new NCR

  • Using the system menu, click «New NCR». This opens a new NCR registration document where you can fill in all fields.
  • The fields marked with red text and a star are mandatory and can’t be left empty.
  • To complete the registration, fill in all the information needed to further process the NCR.

Based on the setup of the NCR module your company has chosen, you may have different fields in your NCR than shown in this guide.

Note: It is important that the information entered into the NCR is the facts of the incident and should not contain any personal or sensitive information. If the NCR is missing information or contains information not acceptable in a NCR, the approver will reject the rapport and send it back to you for fixing.

Adding images and/or other attachments can be done in three different ways:

  1. If you have the «Upload» button, you can click it to upload images, documents etc. If using ABMS on a mobile device, you will get the option to take pictures with your camera.
  2. You can use the «paper clip» button as described above.
  3. You can drag-drop attachments into the document.

Sending a NCR for further processing 

  • Once all the necessary information is entered into the NCR and all the mandatory fields filled out the «Send for approval» button in the top right corner will turn green.
  • Click the «Send for approval» button. A dropdown list of users that have access to the next step in the process and a message field is shown. Choose the «Receiver» and write a «Message» (optional), then click «Send».
  • The document will now show in your dashboard box; «Documents sent for approval».
  • The approval user will get an email notification and the document will show in his/her dashboard box; «Documents waiting for your approval».
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