Forward a section in a document

We have developed an addon feature that can be configured in your ABMS. With this new function you can forward a section of a document. But, it will work only once; if the receiver of the section press the approve button he or she cannot forward the same section a second time.

To get this function please contact your Antenor Consultant or Antenor Support

How it works is explained here:

For this to work the module must have more than 1 section, so this is explained from an NCR module with 3 sections.

1. Once the addon is configured on your module and someone start a new NCR, and send it to a user for approval the receiver get notified as today on email and on dashboard:

2. The user open the document and will see the Verify and Reject button

When user click on the Verify button he/she will go in edit mode of next section of the document, this can be clicked by a mistake, or even you want to do some work on the section but you want another person to do the final work and send to next section.

3. In edit mode of this section you will see a new icon on the top right to forward section

You can now choose to do all of the section yourself and click the normal button for sending to next step or selfapprove if applicable, or forward this section to another person with the new icon.

4. When you click on the forward icon you need to select the user to forward it to

Select the user from the list and click on forward section button

5. The user you forward it to now get this document in his/her´s in progress documents box on dashboard and an email that says you have been assigned a document to work on

6. When click on the document or in the link in email takes you to an approval or reject option of the section

When accepting you are in edit mode of the section, if the user that forwarded the section did changes in dropdowns or typed in text before it was forwarded this is still in the document but can be changed if needed.

The user now have to complete the section and send it to next step when completed as done before. 

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