How to build a Company menu

To build a Hubmenu you need to be a superuser of AMS V5.

Here´s how to get started:

1. Go to Menu, Super, Hubmenu


2. Click Create on top right corner

3. Create a name for the Hubmenu

Click on Pen icon or in the field to make changes

You can make a name with or without translation

3.1 Without translation just type the name and click Close

3.2 With translation click on the with translation and add English/Norwegian name and save

4. Add row title if wanted (not required)

5. Add rows and columns with these buttons as wanted

6. Click on Click text inside columns to change name on the button

7. Drag and drop button color/format from top right elements to columns

8. To change colour on the icon click on the colour circle inside the icon you added

9. Click on Folder icon inside column to add action for the button

10. When you are ready click on Save button on the bottom left of the Hubmenu

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