How to edit/create a Risk Matrix

To edit or create a Risk Matrix you have to go to Risk Management modul, and then admin.

From here you can edit  a matrix you have already made under «select a matrix»  or make a new one under «create matrix».


To edit a new one, you give it a name and description and then choose how many rows and columns you want. 
Click create matrix, and a new matrix will show up. Now you can edit it the way you want by  changing colors, choose the probability and consequence value. The value/text for the probability and consequence should be written in both Norwegian and English if you use both of them in the system.

In the marked field illustrated under the text here you can choose to add/or delete tabs. Default is: Personal, Asset, Environment, Reputation, and you can choose what is relevant for you. You can choose to have the same info and colors or different after what fits you purpose.

When you are happy with your matrix, click «save matrix»,.

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