How to establish a parameter in the scorecard


The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Scorecard will help you measure progress towards a set performance indicator. The KPI scoreboard indicator in ABMS makes it easy to gain an overview and keep track of your progress towards your goals. 

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1.0 Get started creating a KPI scoreboard

To get started, select the New scorecard option in the main menu on the left-hand side. This will prompt you to create a name for the new KPI scorecard. The next step is to start creating your new KPI scorecard from the scorecard main page. To start, select the blue edit button shown in the image above.  

From this page, you can change the name of the KPI scorecard, export it to Excel, and delete it. You can also turn the toggle to show all months of the year if you want to input monthly data into the scorecard. 

1.1 Edit mode

When you click the edit button, you are taken to the page seen in the image below. From here, you can add categories and sub-categories to your scorecard. You can also add rows by clicking the Add new header button. 

To save the changes you have made, click the disc icon above the first category.

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1. Start with edit the scorecard

2. Click on the gear icon on the category you want to add parameters

3. Choose what subcategory you want to add, now i add from the system.

4. Fill inn desired values in the popup and click OK button (now it will count all NCRś registered in the system for 2016.

5. On the next click save button

6. Now you will see the values in the Scorecard

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