How to manage contents of drop down lists

To change the values in the list fields in modules you need to have superuser access

Then you can go to Super -> Modules

And select the module you want to make changes in

Expand the field you want to make changes with the line icon on the right side of the list

You will then see all the values in the list

To edit a value you need to click on the pen button in the blue line to enable the value edit function.

You can only edit values that is not used in any documents, if the value is used you will get a popup with links to the documents where it was used, as this:

If the value is used, and you dont want it anymore you can disable it from showing in new documents by clicking the deactivation button

When deactivated it will show as red

If you need to add more rows for values click on the + button

And if you want a value to be default added when creating new document click on the circle icon

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