How to manage drop down menus and values in Equipment Management

  1. We have developed a new standard way of handling some values/dropdowns in Global fields and equipment is now merged in this function.

  2. As before you will find the selection in the Admin Tab on top left corner in the module

What fields are Global fields?

  1. In the list of dropdowns you can see like Customer field it has Global behind, that means this field is global field

Add new dropdown

  1. You can add your own dropdown to equipment module to meet your required fields by clicking Add new drop-down

2. Click on the Create new drop-down

3. Give the field a name of your choice, if you want it translated, toggle the translation button and give it both norwegian and english name

4. You will now see the dropdown in the list of fields

5. Click on the arrow to the right of text box to add values to the dropdown

6. Click Add New and give it a name and click save, you will then see the new value added

The field on an equipment

1. Now the field is created, values added, now its also added to the equipments

2. Edit the equipment and set one of the values you created

Video in Norwegian showing the use of it

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