How to transfer/import external documents in ABMS.


This article will explain how you can work with external documents in Antenor BMS. 

1.0 Transferring/importing external documents to ABMS

For optimal performance of your ABMS, it’s crucial that all pertinent company information is entered accurately and methodically. This entails:

– Diligently completing the designated ABMS documents and fields without resorting to shortcuts.
– Refraining from merely attaching or linking information but integrating it into the system.

While the initial setup might demand a bit more time and effort, it’s a worthwhile investment. Properly setting up your ABMS not only reduces administrative hassles in the long run but also ensures comprehensive version control and traceability for your company’s data.

**Caution:** When information is added to ABMS as a URL link or attachment, it falls outside the system’s core maintenance, potentially adding to your workload and compromising the integrity of the data. Always strive for a seamless integration within ABMS to maintain data accuracy and reliability.


1.1 Transfer/import a word document

This is the recommended procedure for transferring/importing a word document, or equivalent document, into the ABMS rich text editor. There are three different ways to do this, depending on the formatting of the text that is being transferred or imported.

1. Start by trying to copy/paste the information/text from the word document by marking and copying it, then paste it into the rich text editor. An issue may occur because the word formatting makes the ABMS document look bad after pasting it into the rich text editor. If this is the case, remove all the text from the rich text editor and try step 2.

2. Start by copying the text into the rich text editor, click edit, and then choose the paste as text menu option.  If this does not work, try step number 3. 

3. The third option is to copy the word document into the notepad application on your computer. Copy the notepad application’s text and paste it into the ABMS rich text editor. 

Using option 2 or 3, you will probably need to format the document manually. E.g. all bullet points will no longer be automatic lists, and any header formatting will also be gone.

2.0 Sending documents to external users

To send a document externally, the function must first be activated. In order to activate the function please contact the Antenor support team.

In order to send a document externaly, click the green button containing an envelope as shown in the picture. 

This will open a new window from which you can send the document as an email. In order to send the document to several receivers, separate the email addresses with a comma or semicolon in the dialogue box. 

When you click send, every receiver will get a unique link to a document. 

2.1 Keep track of external documents

When a document is sent externally, you can see it in your dashboard under Documents sent for approval and then select external.

Once a document has been sent externally, the recipient has 14 days to reply.

2.1.1 If the recipient does not respond within 14 days, the document will be moved in the dashboard from Documents sent for approval to Your in-progress documents. You will also receive a notification by mail.

2.1.2 If you want to resend the document, you can select from the dashboard or from the module index. The document will then have a tab called External. This will give you an overview of who has not responded.  

2.1.3 If you go into the External while in edit mode, you can send the document again. This will give the recipient another 14 days to reply. 

Responded = false – this means that the recipient of the document has not responded
Active = false – this means that the link is no longer active (after 14 days has past)

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