Download and start using the ABMS application on mobile devices


This article will show you how to get started using the Antenor Business Management System (ABMS) on your mobile device (Android/iOS). 

To get started, go to the AppStore on your device. 

1.0 How to log in.

If using username/password:
Add your username (email address) and the password sent to you in an email, and click the «Login» button. A first-time login will require that you change your password. 

If using Office 365:
If your company uses Office 365, the superuser can decide that your login should be your Office 365 e-mail username and password. If this is enabled and you have gotten an invite from our Office 365 application to connect, click the «Login with Office 365» button and log in using your standard Office 365 username and password.

2.0 Video – Get started using the ABMS mobile application.

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