Rich text editor

This article will show you how to use the rich text editor field that is used in most modules. Some of the main features are described, such as inserting links and documents, and table of contents.

Rich text editor

This text field has similar formatting possibilities as text editors like MS Word and Google Docs, and therefore allows you to format your document to your company’s standard. Some features are still different. This article will describe the main differences.



Function descriptions 



Table of contents

As in other editors, there is a possibility to create a table of contents. Use the «Format» button and choose the format «Headers»-> «h1». Make sure to also click the «Table of contents» check box above the editor to enable this feature. 

The table of contents only works for heading "h1", not the rest of the headings!

The table of contents is shown when the document is in «read mode».

Table of Contents