Risk owner / Action Responsible Setup


In the Risk Management System, you can set an individual user or define a group as a risk owner. You can also set an individual user or group responsible for carrying out actions. 

It can be a good idea to define different groups, for example, if your organization has offices or workshops in multiple locations. In this instance, you might want to define a group as risk owners on location A but not on location B.

1.0 Get started creating groups.

To make this work, you need to set up two access groups, one for risk owners and one for those responsible for actions.

1.1 To do this, you go to Super –> Users –> Access groups

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1.2 Add a new Access group called Risk Owner and click on Add.

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1.3 Do the same for Risk Action responsible. In the left field, «Select group», choose «Risk owner.»

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2.0 Grant access rights

2.1 Scroll down to the section called «Access right management». In this section, you can add and remove access rights to/from the access group for all the modules and areas of the system.

2.2 Navigate to the line of «Risk management», and give access «Approve» to the Risk owner group. 

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3.0 Add and remove individual users

3.1 Now you can scroll up one section to the «User membership», here you can see which users that have access- and add/remove access rights to the group. Tick the checkbox to add/remove users. To find new users, search for the name in the search field. 

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3.2 Alternatively, you can add a user from «users» to «access groups» on the top. You can choose the group you want to add members to in the «select group» section, i.e. «risk owner.»

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4.0 Assign groups as risk owners/responsible

4.1 Now, when you add new Risk Management, you can select which groups to use in Owners and Action responsible. 

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4.2 Select the group for risk owner and responsible for actions to be used in this risk management analyse.

Now, the users in this group will be available in the dropdown in risk items to be selected.

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