Transfer documents, actions etc. to another user


This article will explain how you, as a Superuser, can transfer ownership of documents, actions etc., to another user. This can be useful if the original owner of, e.g. a document is leaving the organisation, is on sick leave etc.

1.0 Transfer ownership

1.1 To start the transfer of documents, you have to go to the «Super» module. From there, select «Users», and you will find the Ownership transfer button. 

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1.2 Clicking the Ownership Transfer button will give you an overview of all documents and actions that can be transferred and/or deleted. 

The Ownership Transfer page allows for the transferral of single documents, actions etc., to separate assignees (each individual item selected can have its own assignee), per module, per category, or for all selected (set assignee at the top of the page).

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1.3 Once you have selected the documents/actions you want to transfer, click the «transfer selected» button to start. 

The selected documents etc., are transferred in their position in the workflow to the new assignee, and they will get an email from the system informing them of what has been moved to him/her.

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2.0 Deleting documents

2.1 It is also possible to delete documents which are currently still in the first section and have not yet been sent into a workflow.

These documents are marked with a red X

This is a non-reversible action, it deletes the documents from the system altogether.

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