Add new user and how to enable log-in with Office 365.


This article will show you how to add a new user to ABMS in your organisation. This action can only be done by the Super user.

How to create a new user

1.0 Choose the Super module in the main menu and select users. 

1.1 Choose Add User and fill in the user information. 

1.2 Remember to save the new user profile.

1.3 If you want to add multiple users, we suggest reading this article.

1.4 If you leave the password toggle to the left, an email with the password and login instructions will be sent to the user. Remember, the password sent to the user must be changed when the user logs in for the first time.

If you have Office 365 and want to use those credentials to log in to the system, click the toggle, and an invitation to connect the Office 365 account with ABMS will be sent to the user.

Logging in with Office 365

When setting up a new user and choosing «Office 365» as the login method, an email is automatically created to Antenor support. Support must then register the user in the «Office 365 system, » which generates an invitational email to the user from Office 365. The user must then accept the access before logging in to ABMS.

We recommend reading this article to learn more about logging in with Office 365.

Enable log-in with office 365 for existing users.

If the user is an existing user, change from standard password login to Office 365 login. The Superuser will have to register a support ticket asking for the user to be registered in the «Office 365 system».

The super-user must enable the option to enable log-in with Office 365 for existing users. To do that, go to Super > users and select edit

This will take you to the user information window, where you will see the toggle to enable SSO log-in. 

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