Create and edit a company menu


This article will show you how to create your own custom company/hub menu and how to edit any company/hub menu. To do this, you will need the role of the superuser.

You need to set up this menu in the most suitable way for your organisation and structure. As this is a main navigation tool for all your company’s users, it is worth spending time designing and setting up a proper and user-friendly system. The goal is to make it easy for all employees to find modules, reports and documents (e.g. best practice documents) that they will be looking for to optimise performance.

Example of a company menu

1.0 Creating a new company menu

1.1 Start by selecting the Super module and selecting «Company Menu Management».

1.2 Select the «create» button in the top right corner. 

1.3 This will open the Company menu generator. In order to edit the fields, you can click them or click on the pen symbol. You can also choose if you want to create names with or without translations. 

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2.0 Building a company menu

The company menu consists of rows of buttons. Each button is a navigation point, either somewhere within ABMS or on an external website. For each row, you can add a row title (not required). This is a header, or description of the link content, of the current row.

2.1 The company menu is built up of rows and fields. By default, you start with an empty field. In order to assign a button to the empty field, you can drag-drop from the company menu elements in the right-hand corner. 

2.2 Add a descriptive name to the field, this will be the text on the button. Click the «Click text» or the «pen» icon.

2.3 Change the colour of the button by clicking the «colour circle» button (not required).

The images below show the Company menu by default and an example of how a company menu can look.

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2.4 The next step is to add a navigation point/link. This link is where the user will be taken to when clicking the button in the company menu. To add the navigation point/link click the «folder» icon.

Your button can link to any internal document, report or module. Or any external source.

3.0 Adding fields and rows

3.1 Add more rows and fields as needed to make your company menu using the green «Row» and «Field» buttons.

Note: There can be a maximum of 8 fields per row!

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3.2 To delete a row or a field, click the red «X»s. Be aware that all the fields will also be deleted when deleting a row 

3.3 **When you are ready, click the «Save» button on the bottom left of the company menu**.

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4.0 Editing a company menu

4.1 To edit a company menu, select it in the main menu and click the edit button as shown in the image.

You can also access the Company menu editor through the super user menu and Company menu management.  

**Remember to click the save button to save changes**.

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