SUPER USER Report filtering

This article will show you how to add filtering to your standard reports, this can be done by super users.

Report filtering

After making a report and choosing which fields to include, you have the possibilities to do further filtering. This allows you to e.g. make a report specific to a department.

1. Continuing from «SUPER USER Creating a report», inside a report. Click the «Filter» tab in the top right corner to view this page. Then click the available module, in this case the icon for the «NCR module».

2. This gives you a list of fields to filter. Click the field you want to include. In this example, we are filtering on «Department».

3. Choose which value(s) you would like to include in this report.

4. It is possible to filter on more than one field. Add more fields by repeating steps 1 to 3 (optional). For this example, we chose the field «Department» and the value «QRM».

5. View the report by clicking the «Index» tab in the top right corner. This will give you the result of the report including the added filtering.

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