The rich text editor


This article explains how to use the built-in rich text editor in ABMS, covering essential features like inserting links, documents, and creating a table of contents.

1.0 How to use the Rich text editor

This text field offers formatting capabilities similar to popular text editors like MS Word and Google Docs, enabling you to adhere to your company’s document standards. Let’s begin by introducing the toolbar, your hub for text creation and editing tools. Most toolbar functions will be familiar to users of other text editors. However, the list below highlights some unique features that set the Rich Text Editor apart from others.


1.1 Function desciptions

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2.0 Table of contents

As in other editors, you can enable a table of contents in the text editor. To do this, select the table of contents checkbox above the editor. 

2.1 At the current time, the table of contents only works with the h1 heading. To be able to view the table, the document must be in read mode.

4.0 Links and attachments

You may need to establish a link from your ABMS documents to external sources or include some enclosures to the document. 
Enclosures may be forms or sheets used within a process or a procedure. Examples may be a standard contract, a checklist or a calculation form. It may be advisable to include such documents in ABMS instead of keeping them on a local server or personal computer. This is to avoid having several different copies and achieve higher availability.


4.1 Insert/edit link or attachment

The «Insert / edit link» icon will let you attach a file or image from your computer. The file will be stored under the «Attachment» tab, and a text link will be inserted in the editor. You can also link to an URL.

Click the Insert/edit link button in the rich text editor, and an Insert link window will open.

4.1.1 To insert a file/image from your computer, click on the folder with the eyeglass icon. If you want to insert a URL, simply paste the URL in the URL field.

Target lets you decide if the link or attachment should open in a new window. 

4.2 Insert internal document

The «Insert internal document» icon will let you insert a text link to a AMBS document.

Click the «Insert internal document» button in the rich text editor and an «Insert internal document» window will open.

You can insert links to an internal document by choosing the module and clicking the document. The link is inserted into the editor when you click the document. Click the «Close» button when done.

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Table of Contents