Transferring / importing external documents to ABMS

This article will explain best practise when it comes to transferring / importing external documents, such as word or pdf, into ABMS documents.

Transferring / importing documents

Your ABMS works best if all your company’s relevant information is entered into ABMS the correct way. The correct way means filling out the appropriate ABMS documents and fields, and not taking a shortcuts, attaching or linking to the information.

It might take some time in the initial phase, but it will save your company a lot of administration time in the future. It will also allow your company full version control and traceability.

Any information entered into ABMS as a URL link or an attachment will have to be maintained outside of ABMS. This will increase the workload and decrease the integrity of the information.

Transferring / importing documents from an old system to ABMS often means that the needed information is in a word or pdf file. This is often the case with the module «Controlled documents».

This is the recommended procedure for transferring / importing a word document, or the equivalent kind of document, into the ABMS rich text editor as explained on the previous slides.

  1. First you should try to copy / paste the information / text from the word document by marking and copying it, and then paste it into the rich text editor. If the text does not contain too much formatting this may work fine. But often the word formatting makes the ABMS document look very bad after pasting it in the rich text editor.  If this is the case; remove all the text from the rich text editor and try number 2.
  2. After copying the information from the word document, in the ABMS rich text editor; click the «Edit» -> «Paste as text» menu option. Now all text pasted into the editor is pasted without formatting. To turn this setting off, click the «Edit» -> «Paste as text» menu option again. This will work for most word formatting, but sometimes even this is not enough. If the text still does not look good; remove all the text from the rich text editor and try number 3.
  1. After copying the information from the word document, open your computer’s «Notepad» application and paste the information here. Mark the text in the «Notepad» again and copy it. Now paste that information into the ABMS rich text editor

If you end up having to use option 2 or 3, some manual formatting using the rich text editor functions is most likely required. E.g. all bullet points will no longer be automatic lists, and any header formatting will also be gone.

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