Using the comments box

To use the comment box, simply click on it in the bottum right hand corner of the document page.

The comments box will open up. It supports text and emojies, includes the name of the person who wrote the comment and a date and time stamp. Users are able to edit and delete their own messages, and remove themselves from the participants list (see «How to remove a user» in Administration of Comments Box).

How to add a comment

  1. If you are a participant, simply open the comments box and start typing in the text entry field at the bottom. To send the message either click the paper aeroplane or press the Enter key on your keyboard. To add emojies click the smiley face and select your emoji. Then keep writing or send your message.

How to update a comment

1.This is only possible to do with your own comments. To edit a comment simply hover over the comment you wish to edit and click the edit icon. 

2.If the comment you wish to edit is your last comment, you can simply press the UP key on your keyboard to start editing.

3.To cancel the operation you can either click the Cancel button, or press the Escape key on your keyboard.

4.To add emojies to your edit, click the smiley face and select your emojies.

5.If you have edited your comment and wish to re-send it, simply press the Enter key on your keyboard, or click the Save button. 

6.The updated comment will say Edited in parantheses

How to delete a comment

1.It is only possible to delete your own comments. To delete, hover over the comment you wish to delete and click the red x.

2.Confirm that you wish to delete.

3.Verify that the message disappears from the comments box.

How to tag a user

1.Start by typing ‘@’ in the typing field, and then the first few letters of the user’s name

2.Click enter on your keyboard, or click the name with your mouse, the user’s name appears in a little box.


3.Now type your message to said user. This user will be sent an e-mail to inform them of the activity, the other participants will not.

How to add a comment Topic

1.Type the text you would like as a topic header in the comment field like: Information Verification.

2.Click the blue «Topic» icon shown on the image above.

3.The text you typed will now be set as «Subject» in an information e-mail, and you can choose to send this e-mail to selected recipients.

      1. Type your e-mail content.
      2. Select the recipients.
      3. Click the «Send» button to send the e-mail notification / invitation.

4.Click «No, thanks» if you don’t need this Topic notification to be sent as an e-mail.

5.After you have clicked either «Send» or «No, thanks» the Comment box display your choosen topic header.

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